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Don't check-out without redeeming great savings!

SavingsApp is a web tool that lists deals to help you save on retail sites while you shop. We provide a list of deals that you can access at anytime while shopping, allowing you to avoid having to make web searches or visiting coupon sites.

Instant Savings

Save cash in one click.

With SavingsApp, all the deals that can help you save on your purchases are listed when the page is done loading. They are shown by just putting your mouse over the tag, and apply with just a click.

Never Pay Full Price

Save on thousands of merchants.

SavingsApp is comptiable with the majority of the internet's top retailers. Thousands of retailers to be more specific, so you should be able to save wherever you shop!

Easy Installation

Simple browser integration.

Click Download lbelow and follow the instructions to set up Savings App. When your browser restarts you'll be ready to save!

Download SavingsApp Here!

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